The homepages of George Poppe, Tyler Harvey, Otto Malm and James Young

A bit about this website...

This website is used by James Young, Otto Malm, George Poppe, and Tyler Harvey. We are a group students at DHSB who code. The idea came from another website called Chaos and the fact that James and Otto wanted to share a website. Tyler joined later. If you want to learn how to build a website like this, a reccomendation is Codecademy and w3schools.

James' Homepage

Otto's Homepage

Tyler's Homepage

George's Homepage

Collaboration projects

Other websites by people we know.

Cybertricks by Lawrie Mathers and Theodore Smith and edited by James.

Alles, a collection of services connected via your Alles ID.

Chaos, the Chaos that hasn't really been updated since the late 90s, and the original inspiration for the site. James' Uncle is on it.

Noah Evans' website